Zoo day with my Nikon Coolpix P900

Zoo day with my Nikon Coolpix P900

Because it is my newest camera addition to my Nikon family, I am having a blast figuring out what I can do as opposed to what I am limited with on this camera. I got to play with the zoom on the moon, Tried out the bird watching scene mode on soem new friends and so the other day we decided to give it a go at the zoo.

Having just moved to Sevierville, TN our closest zoo was Knoxville which is only about an hour car ride. Now because it was winter, we didnt have many animals we could photograph that were out doors and so most of what we saw was inside behind glass. I dont like shooting through glass, and apparently the Nikon P900 was not happy about it either.

It did great, the only issue was getting it to focus PAST the glass and not on the glass, noraml issue for a point and shoot style camera I think. Thats why I love to be able to manually focus like I can with my D5100, and while the P900 does have a manual focus but it is motorized and so is kinda slow. (May just need to get used to it… We shall see)

DSC_0017 copy.jpg

It has great color and clarity, and does well in low light once you are able to get it to focus. (This was not a low light image, but it did good with those too.) I also loved the fact you can zoom in so close to the animals, and have a hard time getting over the reach of the 83x optical zoom this camera offers!

Definitely loving my Coolpix P900, but there will always be room in my bag for the D5100 because I can get the exact shot I want every time with it, just a matter of lenses!

What do you carry as your go to for photo day? Would love to hear from you, just post in the comments below!



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Bird watching with the Nikon Coolpix P900

Bird watching with the Nikon Coolpix P900

I dont know about you but I love wild bird. Watching them on our feeders, in the bird bath or just hanging out in the trees, Especially with my camera with me!

Well the other day we had an unusual guest near the feeder and I decided it was as good a time as any to check out the Bird Watching setting on my new Nikon P900. (I dont think Ive ever had a camera with a bird setting before so I was curious as all get out.) I set the camera on my tripod just inside the window, Aimed it out the glass, set it to Bird Watching in the menu and locked on on our friend on the tree.

DSCN0401 copy.jpg

What did I see? This adorable little wood pecker was looking at me! (Probably thought I was nutty for watching him just hang on the tree but I could not help it!)

Even with him moving, the P900 was able to grab the shot. If you look at reviews on bird watching and the P900 you will see a lot of people LOVE this camera for that exact reason, Watching birds.

I really feel like this camera has lived up to its price, and for things like nature and landscape photography this is a great way to go! (Still wont be giving ou my D5100 anytime soon but like this for the great zoom feature!)

Let me know what you think, just leave a comment down below!

Blessings and happy shooting,


More great photos at www.melissaroephotography.com  

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Photo of the Moon

Photo of the Moon 

Part of the reason we looked at the Nikon P900 was because of a video on youtube that showed off the P600s zoom, and it getting great photos of the moon. Naturally I was curious and so began our research.

The P600 is discontinued by Nikon, and is replaced by the P610, however you can still get the 600 online at a few places. (Amazon and ebay for example.) We actually did our comparison between the 900 and the 610 since we  were loking at Nikon directly, and the only differences we found were the price and the zoom. The 610 has a 60x optical zoom while the 900 has an 83x optical zoom.

Now luckily we were able to get a great deal on the P900 so we opted for it, after all we were spending the money anyway may as well go big!

The First chance I had I of course tested the moon shot to see just how well this little beast could do, and let me simply say WOW!

DSCN0438 copy

I mean just look! The camera truly did an amazing job, set on a tripod zoomed all the way in and this was my result. I have to say I am looking forward to the next full moon! The photos super close and is still crisp and clear.

Now I did this with the optical zoom only, Digital zoom annoys me and gets grainy at times so I dont use it. (I may have to on this camera just to see if it does any better.) But all in all I have to say I love my Nikon Coolpix P900 and have been impressed with it.

If you have one leave me some feed back on what you love or hate! If your thinking of getting one I bought mine off amazon, and got a great price on it there! Heres a link you can check out right away for the P900 and one for the P610 so you can easily compare and shop these great Nikon products!

Blessings and thanks for reading!


Your friend in photography



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Roku 3 replaced my cable TV

Roku 3 is saving money for me!

The hubby and I recently packed our lives up and moved to a new state, requiring us to look for ways to cut bills. We love watching TV, and hated that we had to pay a huge bill for satellite so he began doing research on the internet for alternatives.

What he found was SLING TV, however to use it you had to get a Roku box. Again he did his research and we decided a Roku 3 would be sufficient for us! They do have a Roku 4 that seamed to do HD and stream faster, or a Roku 2 but it did not have a lot of the features we liked. So we chose the Roku 3, ran to a local store to buy it (so we’d have it faster), and hooked her up!

The Roku box not only allows us to stream tv live via our internet connection, but we are also able to get movies on it, run Hulu and Netflix through it. It has several other options for programing as well, such as you local channels, HBOnow, Fox now, History, CW, ABC< CBA, Amazon Prime, ESPN, Vevo and a few others. All in all it says they offer +2000 plus streaming channels. Many of those are repeats, for example you have ESPN 1, 2, and 3 but for free you still have lots of entertainment choices.

They also have several others you can download, as well as it allows you to put Media from your own devices (tablets and phones) on the screen!

With the search options on the Roku 3 you can actually manually look up a show you want to watch and it will search all the channels for it. You can use the “MY FEED” section to store shows you watch often, and you have a TV store and a Movie store that you can buy things from.

All in all I would say I like the Roku 3, although it is a little weird at first with the navigation and some of the Apps (ABC and Hulu) seam to act funny on occasion. They will freeze up and you have to exit out of the app and go back in. Over all thought, since it is saving my 60/ month I would say It is a great product.

Just curious if you have one or are thinking of getting one and saving some money for 2016? Let me know in the comments 😉




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Cades Cove must be drove!!!

DSC_0092HDR copy.jpg

Cades cove, Just outside of Gatlinburg, TN is a must see if you love the Smokies!

Trust me when I say that this is one car trip you would not want to miss. While it is a bit of a drive, approximately 34 miles from Gatlinburg this place is beautiful. Depending when you go, you are almost guaranteed to see some sort of wildlife here! So far I have seen Deer, Numerous birds, Foxes (I think they were. They were very far away), Elk and a coyote. I was very impressed!

Of course we have to remember these animals are wild, so obviously you DO NOT want to try to get to close. Cades cove is listed as one of the best places to see black bear, which I have yet to see. )http://www.cadescove.net/wildlife)

DSCN0290 copy.jpg

Besides the views and the wildlife there are old churches, cabins and cemeteries here that you can explore. (Please dont leave trash or carve your name in the wall. No one wants to see that.)

If you have already made your way to the Smokies, you will be sad you missed this gem just be sure to bring your cameras! You never know what you’ll see!




** Camera I used to take most of these photos was a Nikon Coolpix P900 or the amazing Nikon D5000.

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My LG- V410

One of my favorite things

I honestly think this has been one of my favorite purchases. Why you ask? Well in combinations with my Eye-Fi SD card this tablet allows me to view my photos on a larger screen without going all the way home and connecting my camera!

Once the Eye-fi card uploads the photos, I can log in with my account and download them to the tablet. Because the tablet has wifi, I am able to them share them and view them right away. I LOVE that!

Since it is smaller in size the LG V410 is easy to carry with you when your out and about. If you wanted to use the camera on it you could, I do quite often and its not to shabby. It has a 5mp rear Camera with Touch & Shoot, and expandable memory with a micro SD card. I also love the fact you can tap the screen and it turns on, however that can be a double edge sword. If you put it in a bag and it gets bumped it can turn on with out you knowing it. Bye Bye Battery!

Another thing I love about its size is the fact even with my small hands I can hold it real well with one hand. This is good when doing photos, you can hold with one, tap the shutter with the other! 😉

Personalizing it can be fun, you can change wallpapers of course but you can also change the fonts and the font size. So if you have trouble seeing, just bump up you font size. It come loaded with 10 wallpapers , but you also have the option to use your own photos or downloads! If you like you can choose to lock the tablet with a password, pin, pattern, knock code or by swiping the screen.

The screen itself has some fun features you can activate or shut down if they annoy you as they did me. It can do bubbles and things when you swipe your finger, it can ding or vibrate when you touch the screen and things like that.

You can also set it up for different users. So lets say you had two kids, each one could have their own set of apps on their profile for the tablet. (May be easier to get each their own tablet BUT this is an option too! LOL)

Over all I am very happy with the LG GPad V410 and would suggest it to any of my friends who were looking for a good smaller tablet.

What do you guys think? Anyone have one or know someone who has had issues? Leave some feed back in the comments. I would love to hear from you!




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Too Eye-Fi or not to Eye-Fi?


Too Eye-fi or not to Eye-fi, this was a recent discussion my husband and I had as we tried to determine if we should get an Eye-fi card.

If you are not familiar with them, it is an SD card that you can use in any digital camera that allows for you to wireless-ly load your photos to another device. (A tablet, a pc or even a phone.) Sounds to good to be true? Thats what I thought to, but we found a very good deal on one (Amazon http://amzn.to/1JDSLaO) and so we figured lets try it.

Good Decision, I think. I love the fact it has a built in wireless transmitter than allows for me to connect the camera and my PC without having to do a thing. Turn them both on and presto, the camera sends the photo out and they appear on the PC. You will want to set up an account, and that will let you easily change where the photos go. Sometimes I send them to the PC, then I can save them directly and be done.

If however I am out and about I can send them to my tablet, allowing for others to see the photos from my camera without having to look at the tiny camera screen. Personally I love it!! You can also load them to facebook, twitter, instagram or any other online venue you like fast and easy this way! (Not that I put all my photos on FB 😉  www.facebook.com/SmokyMountainHomeNecessitiesInc lol)

I have read some article that people say the card has froze up on them and not sent the photos, causing them to lose their file. So far, Knock on wood, I have not had any issues like that. A friend of mine also bought one after I did and has not had that issue either, but it could happen i suppose and is just something to be aware of.

Another great perk is a feature called Endless Memory Mode, once your photos are safely uploaded this card frees up GB space for MORE photos! How cool is that! To me this meant I really only needed a smaller GB card as it would go much further! ( Mines a 4GB)

So a small list of good things:

  • Can do RAW formated photos
  • Automatic geo tagging for the photos
  • Endless memory
  • Automatic back up for photos
  • Set up was super simple!!! Plugs in the PC and walks you through it all!

Only issues I’ve had:

  • It does seam to write slower than my regular SD card. Maybe due to sending and writing at the same time? Doesnt always happen but it has.

Thats it… That really is the only issue I have had with my Eye-Fi card in the 6 months or so I have been using it. If you are looking for more info OR looking to buy an Eye-Fi card here is a link straight to the one I got that will help: http://amzn.to/1JDUcWW .

Let me know what you think in the comments if you get one. I know I am impressed with the ease of uploading photos now!




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